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Looks like a small bulb used to indicate something unusual, like a malfunction.

OpenCV – convert projection matrix to maps

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I created an application for a target hit evaluation using a webcam. The camera is never vertical to the target so there is a significant perspective distortion and I need a bird’s eye view. Fixing this with getPerspectiveTransform() and cv::warpPerspective() is easy but cv::warpPerspective() is very slow (at least for my purpose). (more…)

Compile optimized Debian packages

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Do you envy Gentoo users their tuning? Debian packages are mostly shipped only with a basic optimization (-O2) and for more generic CPUs. How about fine tuning for your CPU? (more…)

Fixing Ubuntu “Open with”

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First there was the annoying default “Wine Internet Explorer” for opening images. Why? I found the default source, I deleted it and then it was “Firefox”. Why??? I have different image viewers. Linux distributions are starting to behave like MSW. (more…)

Chroot PHP

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This is a poor man’s implementation of PHP environment chrooting. Apache’s suexec is too hardwired to user homes. Suexec is probably more secure but this is more flexible. (more…)

Detaching MS Windows libusb driver

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It was easy to assign a FTDI device VID/PID to a libusb backend with Zadig. But detaching it from the libusb and assigning the original FTD2XX driver wasn’t so easy. Simple “remove device” in the Device Manager is not sufficient. When you plug back the device it will be assigned to the libusb again.


Formating Sweex MP3 player in Linux

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I bought a year ago a tiny MP3 player Sweex Clipz MP300. I found it to be very tricky to format it in Linux. After few trials and errors I found a way. (more…)

1-Wire and MSP430

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I bought a digital thermometer DS18B20 and I wanted to connect it to my LaunchPad. DS18B20 communicates via 1-Wire protocol. I used a bit banging to emulate the protocol. CPU speed should be over 1 MHz since the protocol requires timing almost on a microsecond level.


Emulating Raspberry Pi

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My friend asked me if there is any possibility to try Raspberry Pi disk image in MS Windows. What a challenge! It wasn’t any challenge at all since I found almost everything prepared.


Windows 7 SDK troubleshooting

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Let’s say you need to compile your C++ project under MS Windows and you need to use the Microsoft’s toolchain instead of MinGW. Buying the whole Visual Studio is not necessary. I like a simple combination gvim+scons+gcc which gives me a high amount of flexibility. I just needed to switch the gcc to the MS compiler.


Mass erase of MSP-EXP430FR5739

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I bought myself a new toy – MSP-EXP430FR5739 experimenter board. It didn’t stay working long because I ran into the same trouble like the guy here. Mspdebug was complaining about blow fuses. Fix was quite easy thanks to my another toy MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad which I luckily bought together with the experimenter board. (more…)

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