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Postfix and DDoS

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Last twelve days my SMTP servers were under a continual DDoS. Attack consisted of ~1300000 attempts to deliver a message to random mailboxes under a single domain. Attacks came from ~280000 unique IP addresses. (more…)

mod_python vs. FastCGI

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I’m developing webapplications running under mod_python for a long time. I’m not very satisfied with the mod_python performance particularly the first load time so I’m looking for something like an application server – loaded modules will stay “longer” in the memory – application doesn’t need to be completely initialized very often. The FastCGI approach is very close. I ran benchmarks to measure overhead of the FastCGI (mod_fastcgi, mod_fcgid) compared to the mod_python. (more…)

Compression programs comparison

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I was wondering how powerful are those simple stream compressors like gzip and bzip2. Test rabbit was a Linux kernel source tree tar-ed into one file which was thrown out to those compression beasts. Simple benchmarks were performed on Mobile AMD Sempron 3100+. (more…)