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Run complex command/process with killing previous

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When I run a Django testing server in a terminal it sometimes gets stuck and it can’t be killed with CTRL+C. Or I’m using SSH client in background mode for a secure proxy tunnel and I need to restart it from time to time. Searching manually for PIDs with ps and grep and killing them is a lengthy process.

Following piece of a bash code does it automatically. Process determined by the CMD variable content will be first killed and then executed.

CMD="python manage.py runserver --traceback"

# first kill possible background server process
PIDS=`ps -fe | grep "$CMD" | grep -v grep | sed 's/ \+/ /g' | cut -d' ' -f2`
if [ -n "$PIDS" ]; then
  echo killing: $PIDS
  kill $PIDS

$CMD $@

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