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Looks like a small bulb used to indicate something unusual, like a malfunction.


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Origin: Belza (cze), Google translated (eng)

This acoustic/audio ohmmeter is a compact (< 5×5 cm PCB) and low power (< 1 mA on open circuit, ~4 mA on short circuit). Silicon parts (U1, D1, D2) are placed in a DIP20 socket for a case when you “measure” a charged high voltage capacitor which will blow the parts up.

Maximum current through the test probes is 1.5 mA.

Sound pitch for low resistances (<100 Ω) is easily distinguishable, great tool! Even for very high resistances (> 100 kΩ) you can still hear a slow clicking.

Kicad sources


a1 a2

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