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Reserve virtual memory

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I needed to load a huge amount of data into memory. It had to be a continuous chunk of memory and I could not tell the size from a beginning. C++ std::vector is a good candidate however its downside is that it reallocates and copies all data when it runs out of its current capacity. Virtual memory mapping to the rescue! (more…)

Zsh completion with visual hints

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Have you ever tried to complete a command that takes longer time? Like a remote server path completion for scp. It takes few moments and after pressing <TAB> you don’t know if there is nothing to be completed or the shell is just waiting for a reply. And when the list is opened you don’t know which letter is the next one? (more…)

Missing icons in Xfce systray

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There are 2 plugins for the Xfce panel for systray icons: notification area, indicator plugin. The first one is the right one, the second one is very obsolete. What happened to me was that the notification area stopped showing some applications. (more…)

Linux full disk encryption

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Set up reasonably secure encryption without sacrificing too much computing power. I had previously configured only a single encrypted partition but the PAM unlocking caused many troubles. Advantage of the full disk encryption is that you have secured everything including swap partition.  (more…)

VIM auto save spell checking language

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If switching between languages is frequent then having a fixed default spell checking language on every start is not very comfortable. This simple plugin solved my issue: (more…)

Hibernation and turning swap off

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Having 16 GB RAM today is nothing extraordinary. Swap seems to be a useless thing. And it perhaps is. Even if you are able somehow fill up those gigs of memory then it is caused probably by some extremely hungry program which will initiate a horrendous swapping and your system will become virtually frozen. (more…)

MS VC++ 2012 and Windows XP

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MS VC++ 2012 is installed, development environment is fine tuned with all necessary libraries, QT and boost are no longer complaining about missing components etc… Then you find out that your application is not working in Windows XP. You see only a terse dialog with a message program.exe is not a valid Win32 application. (more…)

Elecrow PCB prototyping

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: , , , , , — admin @ 2014-03-23 23:20

Another quick PCB manufacturer review. This time it was an audioohmmeter sent to Elecrow PCB service. Price was $9.90 + $3.72 shipment. I ordered 5 pieces, got 10. Nice! Overall quality looks very good. Lets see it in details. (more…)

Xubuntu upgrade to 13.10 with troubles

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New (X)Ubuntu switched to systemd and it brought new challenges with upgrading. I use Xubuntu fork but this might affect others as well. I can’t turn off or hibernate the computer. Even after logout there are no buttons for powering off. And I can’t access NetworkManager. (more…)

Windows 8 SDK

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MS Visual C++ 2012 SDK might be already mature enough and lots of libraries are being built with this version these days. Its support for C++11 is also supposedly better so lets try it. This is not a review. Only a simple “how to” about installing and troubleshooting. (more…)

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