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MSPGCC4, debugging

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I recently found a forked project MSPGCC4. It is built against newer GCC and GDB. It supports multiple versions. I tried GCC 4.4.3 and GDB 7.0.1. The compilation and installation is very easy. Just run the buildgcc.sh, choose wanted versions and watch the progress.


MSP430, GCC, mspdebug

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This article describes brief steps to setup a Linux development tools for MSP430 MCU – compiler and programmer. MSP430 is not as well linux-supported as AVR or 8051 but fortunately there are ways to make it working.


Internet Explorer fixators – PNG, box model, …

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The old and painful problem with Internet Explorer is the PNG transparency. IE6 is still so wide-spread, damn. Few clever people created a JavaScript fixes for that. The best I know is iepngfix. It has a little limitation and works for IMG, background-image, …

Besides the PNG transparency Internet Explorer has many other holes. Missing CSS selectors, wrong box model, … I found IE7 script which patches most of those holes. So great! Now I can use selectors like DIV > DIV or DIV + DIV everywhere. It also fixes the box model (total width = margin + border + padding + width) and min-height/min-width. It tries to fix the PNG transparency too but it is not as well tuned as the iepngfix. You should remove this path of the script.

Transition to FastCGI

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Apache’s prefork MPM is a very heavy memory eater. Thirty instances together with PostgreSQL can consume more then 1.5GB of memory. I have already managed the PostgreSQL to become modest. Now the Apache is the target.


Filtering duplicities in XSLT

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I had a problem: I needed to find some tags in a subtree without duplicities. The duplicity was determined by a tag’s attribute value. (more…)

MagicDraw – UML tool

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Good (meaning many features and userfriendly) and cheap UML modeling tool is a hard candy to find. I need at least following stuff:

  • use case, class, activity and sequence diagrams
  • not just dummy diagrams but also some semantics
  • ability to run under Linux



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I presume that you know what the memoization is. And if not then you can read about it on wikipedia. I’d like to write about problems that I ran into while implementing memoization in Python.


Function in a function, scope, decorators

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When I started using decorators I was confused how it works. I was using decorators like @staticmethod and @classmethod and I didn’t care how it is done. It works. But what about custom decorators? (more…)

Python’s built-in id() and class methods

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I found a feature of the built-in function id() that is a little bit unexpected (Python 2.5).


Postfix and DDoS

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Last twelve days my SMTP servers were under a continual DDoS. Attack consisted of ~1300000 attempts to deliver a message to random mailboxes under a single domain. Attacks came from ~280000 unique IP addresses. (more…)

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