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Pyjampiler is a standalone Python to Javascript compiler forked from pyjamas-0.6. Pyjamas is a monolithic GWT-like framework with compiler and UI in one piece. I needed only the compiler to “embed” Python in my web applications. So i striped the pyjamas down to the bare compiler core and enhanced it with more Python features. Output is a single JavaScript file that you can embed into your HTML.

Features currently different from pyjamas-0.6 compiler:

  • string.split() method collision with the JavaScript one solved by replacing it with .pysplit()
  • lists and tuples concatenation (and generally implementation of an __add__ method), e.g. list1 + list2
  • decorators (not working in conjunction with classmethod and staticmethod)
  • JavaScript code is suitable for JavaScriptPacker



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  1. Thanks!

    Do you recommend using this rather than trying to use pyjampiler in the PyJS SVN trunk? and does that work? (if so do you have any tips – I’m considering making a screencast at some point too)

    Since I’m not so interested in learning a new widget framework I’m bridging web.py, some MVC, Python to JS, and object oriented x/html like html.head.title=”new title” (using some patches to the new Amara)

    Comment by Luke Stanley — 2009-12-07 @ 03:52

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